Make it an original – with Fujifilm original photo papers.

Welcome to the world of Fujifilm quality photo paper products. Discover multiple options for creating your own ‘originals’, such as calendars, photo albums, greeting cards and many other beautiful objects made with our original photo paper.

You are your memories

In cooperation with Unseen Amsterdam the Italian collective The Cool Couple – Niccolò Benetton and Simone Santilli – were commissioned to research the nature of Fujifilm through an exploration of processes and people. The collective generated work with a focus on Fujifilm original photo paper and the processes involved, from taking a photo to making the final print.

Excellence meets art: the launch of our ultimate photo paper Maxima

We couldn’t be prouder to present the next generation of photo paper: the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Maxima

Emotional image films bring the world of photo paper to life.

The world of photo paper comes to life with 3 image films.

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