If you’re reading this, then most probably, like the team here and me at Fujifilm, you are a fan of photographic ‘silver halide’ colour paper.

We wanted to issue this newsletter as a way to keep you updated and informed of our strong commitment to the photographic printing process by giving you regular information about our activities in development, marketing, and operations. We’re putting tremendous effort into making new materials this year and into the future due to changes in consumer behaviour and the demands of photographers the world over. And throughout all of our development we are continuing to keep a close eye on the real point of photographic paper – quality.

In operations, we want to let you know of improvements and innovations in processing and printing equipment, in chemistry systems, and in waste processing. Working alongside our partners in the industry, the common them that runs through this work is about responding to customer needs sustainability and production efficiency.

I really hope that through this newsletter and through our other marketing activity aimed at promoting the enduring benefits of photographic systems that you are kept informed of our activity and can share in the enthusiasm we have for Fujifilm Original Photo Paper!

If you would like to comment or would like to ask any questions, please email us at info@originalphotopaper.com.


David Honey