Multi-format print orders are a growing problem in high-volume print labs. While they represent a more significant percentage of the volume each season, the current production process is cumbersome and expensive. The multiCut AgX is a fully automated industrial XY-cutter that appears to be the ultimate solution for handling multi-format print orders on silver halide paper.

It greatly simplifies the production of multi-format print orders. Batching and handling formats in orders is a big challenge for production sites because it needs a lot of space for sorting and storing all items of each order and workforce. This multiCut is designed to reduce these e­fforts drastically. multiCut enables the production of single prints directly from printed rolls. The X-cut is controlled by punch marks, while a 2D code defines the Y-cut. Each order is separated through order ident prints.


Highlights of the multiCut AgX

  • Perfect solution for processing multi-format orders
  • Cuts and sorts single prints from printed rolls
  • Processes di­fferent kinds of silver halide paper
  • Performance: approx. 11’000 prints / hour (4″ x 6″)
  • Optional back printer for print identification
  • Optional poster tray for prints up to 1 m length



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