Polielettronica LaserLab series and XY cutters represent the complete workflow for high-quality poster production. Together with our Fujifilm Crystal Archive Professional Papers, they bring out the qualities of appearance and presentation that professional photographers and galleries want. Perfect for commercial photography as well as for exhibitions and gallery settings.

Our professional papers for this printer:

DPII Paper: This paper has all the good qualities of supreme high-definition paper and is exclusively designed for digital printing and professional use. Images come to life in bold colours and expressive vibrancy.

Pearl Paper: This silver halide colour paper is truly stunning: in addition to professional paper qualities, it comes with embedded pearl-like particles, which create a distinctive iridescent appearance with a thick base and high stiffness.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima: This paper takes quality to new heights. Specially designed for consistency and outstanding longevity in image, colour, and look in situations such as exhibitions and gallery settings.


The Polielettronica LaserLab series is included with a complete colour correction management system and has a set up for network printing. A wide range of graphic formats is supported. Also available is a high-resolution option up to 610 dpi (optical-true).

  • LaserLab 50×115 cm
  • 150 m/h paper processor
  • Up to 170 prints/hour 50×75 cm or 112 prints 50×115 cm
  • Equal to 70 square meters/hour
  • Available with the in-line cutter HS Cutting Station
  • LaserLab 76×125 cm
  • 100 m/h paper processor
  • Up to 80 prints/hour 76×125 cm
  • Equal to 75 square meters/hour
  • LaserLab 127×254 cm
  • 50 m/h paper processor
  • Up to 18 prints/hour 127×254 cm
  • Equal to 57 square meters/hour
  • HS Cutting Station
  • Stand alone X-Y cutting unit operating with Polielettronica Laserlab equipments
  • Manage different size orders in a single bath
  • Supplied with Imagelab software to achieve the perfect XML protocol workflow
  • Compatible with Laserlab 20×30 and laserlab 50×70
  • Easily installable on any LaserLab 20 and 50


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