On the management dashboard of all the photo labs, we find four meters: cost, speed, quality and durability. A careful analysis shows that photographic paper scores by far the best when compared to other techniques in the mix of these four indicators. No wonder the demand for photographic paper is enormous and the future for this technique is bright.

The quality of Fujifilm’s photographic paper is undisputed. Thanks to a natural gloss, beautiful white and deep black, a fine dynamic range and, for example, enormous image stability, this photographic paper appears to be able to compete with any quality.

With a growing market, it is essential that the printing processes run smoothly and that the uptime of the systems is optimal. On that point, Fujifilm scores significantly better than any other technique. Nevertheless, we are still working on further improvements to improve the speed.

Every day’s practice shows that the equipment for Original Photographic Paper has an outstanding return on investment. This is inherently related to the enormous productivity. In the workflow, we do not need any lamination or UV curing. Silver recovered in the process is recycled. All this means that the costs for the labs are comparatively low.

Original Photo Paper delivers superb print quality and long-lasting images to maximise the enjoyment and longevity of an image. For decades, the Original Photographic Paper has been valued by customers for its durability and more. Image stability for photo books is more than excellent because there is no significant change to image quality with dark storage for multiple lifetimes.