Powerful, bold, and authentic. That is the message we would like to bring across with the new branding of our Photographic Paper. We want to share the first outline of our new corporate identity, which we will gradually introduce in the coming months. It is an ongoing process. You will see the results on our website and in all other media we use for communication. We will keep you posted.

The idea behind our new look is to create a strong and recognisable image in which we would like to emphasise what differentiates us. By using the word ‘photographic’ instead of ‘photo’, we would like to distinguish ourselves from other technologies on the market. We also keep on using ‘the original’ to refer to the original method of creating images on paper. The logo design was created with the same nostalgic mindset; we wanted to combine paper with a typical gesture in photography.

We are always looking for solutions to improve our products, focusing on innovation and development. Quality is key for us and therefore our Original Photographic Paper is number 1 on the market. It is not only the best to use if you want to create unequalled prints, it is also the best technology to use for high volume, fast printing and processing.