Vision meets quality – creating an unequalled conceptual calendar. Karen Hutton tells her story with 12 outstanding photo motifs printed on Fujifilm Original Photographic Paper.

This year’s selected art photographer Karen Hutton tells her story with twelve outstanding “intimate landscapes” motifs printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper. The result: a stunning landscape format almanac of the finest quality. A joyous, precious piece of photography which will last much longer than a year.

“Grand landscapes stir the soul. They’re uplifting, awe-inspiring, gasp-inducing. Intimate landscapes are quieter. The way I see it, intimate landscapes encompass those moments when light impacts the living soul of the Earth and Mother Nature. Each are moments of divinity; being in their presence fills me with awe. They are a different kind of focus of both eyes and mind. Experiencing them is like a meditation. Landscape photography is one of my favorite genres as a result. From the epic to the most intimate, it’s like standing within the brushstroke of Creation itself. I love to let it wash over me and use my camera to tell that story. I thrive on seeking out moments of Awe everywhere I go in the world. Sometimes these moments are big and unmistakable, sometimes they’re tiny, everyday glimpses that most people would miss. I love them all.”

Karen Hutton is a professional Fujifilm X-Photographer, International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Artist, Speaker, Author, Educator, and Voice.