March 22 and 23, at the LocHal in Tilburg The Netherlands, the Photo Imaging Products Division hosted the Fujifilm Photo Printing summit.

An exclusive event where invited guests from the global photographic industry gathered to discuss the future of photographic paper. Fujifilm in Tilburg has been producing photographic paper for 40 years, the knowledge and strength of these years of experience is our foundation for the future. The two-day event took suppliers, partners, and (future) customers through market trends, technology and innovations and our sustainable strategy for the photographic market.

Also there was the opportunity to examine joint environmental challenges with a panel of experts. At the end of the Summit, the program included a tour through the photographic paper factory at Fujifilm’s production site in Tilburg. We look back on a very successful event that was highly appreciated by the visitors!

Key message shared: we invest in silver halide technology

Fujifilm is and remains committed to the photographic industry, silver halide technology and the most sustainable production possible. We continue to innovate for a healthier, more sustainable world.