The perfect match for the photographic industry

In the field of photo imaging, using the combination of Fujifilm Original Photo Paper and Fujifilm Original Photochemicals is the best guarantee for quality printing on unique products. We earned a reputation for producing a safe and easy to use product range.

Fujifilm photochemicals are available as a complete product offering meeting today’s demand from the market be it, minilab, prolab or large lab processors.

Meet team Photochemicals

The Fujifilm Photochemicals team bundles the respective market know-how and creates a corresponding portfolio of high quality chemicals and a highly qualified service.

FUJIFILM Belgium NV is manufacturer of Fujifilm chemicals for the photographic, graphic arts and medical markets sold and distributed throughout the world. Thanks to Fujifilm proprietary technology, in combination the experience and expertise gained over the years, we produce high quality photo imaging, pre-press as well as medical and industrial X-Ray chemicals.

Fujifilm products are supported in the market by highly qualified technical service staff from FUJIFILM Europe BV and FUJIFILM Belgium NV. Together they have a lot of expertise in-house with the design and further development of CLP and CLC and even more importantly, with the implementation of Fujifilm products directly at customer´s.

Our production facilities – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified – are operated by a professional and experienced team and are maintained according to strict and severe quality control and assurance conditions.

We care

At Fujifilm we believe that responsible action and business success are inseparable. Thus we care: environmental care and quality care are firm elements in our corporate culture and have the highest priority.

We strive for an integrated, complete care philosophy. A care for the product, the customer, the environment and our employees safety. It is the company’s conviction that the constant pursue of complete quality is of great importance for its continuity. The Management Board sees environmental care and safety conduct of its activities as a social responsibility.

All sites are ISO 190 and ISO 14001 certified and use 5S philosophy for efficient and safe production. Fujifilm is also compliant with GHS for classification and labelling of chemicals and is GMP-certified.

Our corporate responsibility is not only a given to our own manufacturing – we also spread this message to our customers and business partners.