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An original with a long tradition

Since our founding in 1934, Fujifilm has diversified into new markets and built a strong presence around the globe. From our roots as a photographic film manufacturer, the company has steadily pursued innovative solutions – with the result that Fujifilm’s silver halide paper products still lead the market, delivering original Fujicolor quality.

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Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. is established. The new company inherited the photographic film operations which had been split off from Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited. The Ashigara factory (today the Kanagawa Factory in Ashigara) began operations, producing photographic film, photographic print paper, dry plates and other photosensitive materials.


The beginning of colour reversal film, which creates a positive image on a transparent film. The pictures are mounted in a frame which can be used in a slide projector.


The start of colour negative film, which creates a negative image on a transparent film. The Ashigara factory begins producing the first Fujicolor paper. This is the first amateur photographic paper used in combination with colour negative film.


The Ashigara factory introduces the first professional Fujicolor paper.


Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe begins producing the color negative film and photographic paper of the analogue (optical exposure) generation. In the following years, Fujiflim steadily improves the paper from a 3.15 minutes development time down to a 19 sec development time in today's FA02 digital generation true photo paper.


FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe proudly introduces new photo paper types: album photo paper, an amateur paper type and DPII, Pearl and Supreme HD for the professional line.


FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe presents the first writable photo paper. This unique paper can be written on with a pen and used for calendars and postcards.


Due to the great success of the Album Paper, FUJIFILM Manufacturing introduces Album HD Paper with richer colours, for use in the production of photo albums.


After four years of increasing success and further development of the album papers throughout Europe, two additional album papers are created for worldwide application.


Fujifilm introduces the Premium HDX Paper: a resilient, thicker album paper (215 µm) for the creation of high-end photo books.


FUJIFILM Europe creates and introduces two unique photo papers called Creative Papers: Velvet and Textured Canvas.


The initial success of the Creative Paper line is followed by the introduction of the photo papers Textured Linen, Textured Leather and Velvet Type S (a thinner version for the production of photo books).


Fujifilm presents the latest photo paper addition to its album paper range: Album Paper XS (135 µm), a thinner photo paper designed to allow more pages in photo books.


Fujifilm presents the next generation of photo paper: Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – MAXIMA; Specially designed for outstanding high-end prints, and to highlight sophisticated works in your gallery andmuseum with the latest technological breakthrough.