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Fujifilm Sao Paulo launches website for original colour paper

Corporate identity is key – an insight Fujifilm São Paulo has used to create and launch a new website for its silver halide paper line.

Besides showcasing the product line, the website is a successful example of how a marketing toolkit can be used to create a consistent corporate identity: the website brings the new brand claim, logo and images to life.

On the website, users can discover and experience the extraordinary silver halide colour paper range and the various paper types. Large images and short informative texts and bullet points provide a first impression and introductory information, and there are links to more detailed product content.

Additionally and aimed at promoting the professional paper line-up, Fujifilm Sao Paulo launches Original Lab Fujifilm, a 360° program for the professional market, including photo labs, photographers, event marketing associations and consumers.

The aim of the website is to generate leads among professional photographers, and the launch has already had a positive side effect: Fujifilm São Paulo has held two congresses for professional photographers where 2,000 sample kits were distributed.
Another offline marketing event was a successful exhibition using the new consistent identity – showing the logo, claim and images.

Fujifilm Sao Paulo launches website for original colour paper