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Discover Fujifilm original photo papers

You can always trust in our paper, whether you’re a professional or a keen amateur photographer. Whatever your demand, our range of photo paper types incorporate the heirloom silver halide emulsion technology and have the perfect product for you.

We offer a broad range of exquisite quality photo paper. From standard to creative and professional, combined with special surface designs: Glossy, Matte, Lustre, Silk, Velvet, Leather, Canvas or Linen.

What is special?

All our paper types guarantee:

  • Amazing and brilliant colour longevity
  • Brilliant whites, deep blacks
  • Continuous tone
Choose Photopaper:
Choose Photopaper:

Original photo paper surfaces

Choose two surface designs and experience their differences by moving the cursor from side to side.

Choose surface 1 (left):
Choose surface 2 (right):

The images shown above display a high-resolution zoom and do not match the original scale of the surfaces.