Your photos deserve real fujifilm quality

Each photo is a reflection of your technique, creativity, and craftsmanship. Anyone who shoots amazing photos wants to present them exceptionally. We have been focusing on that for 85 years. Since our beginnings as a photographic film manufacturer, we have steadily pursued innovative solutions, unrivalled technologies, and high value for our customers. Our heritage is one of expertise and a deep understanding of our photographic paper. We simply go for quality in everything. Just like you. This results in excellent image sharpness and unsurpassed colors. That’s why our silver halide paper products are market leaders.


Fujifilm defines her core technology as one that serves as the foundation of added value to the customer or sets us apart from the competition. To give rise to revolutionary products, these technologies must be among the very best in their respective fields. Our silver halide emulsion technology unites all of these advantages. Its science generates beauty and drives success.

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Our vision for a sustainable world

We put our energy into the best photographic paper. And the great thing is: it really is our energy. Because we provide for our own energy needs with wind turbines close to our plant. Just as much as we purify our own wastewater. We sponsor sustainable initiatives and meanwhile ensure that we continuously invest in making our own production process more sustainable.

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