Growth online, decline in retail 

COVID-19 has had an impact on the photo print market

COVID-19 has had an impact on the volumes in photo prints. With growth online and a decline in retail. For those serving the online market, it seems the time to invest is now.

Research shows 

Unique position for photographic paper

A careful analysis shows that photographic paper scores by far the best compared to other techniques in the mix of cost, speed, quality and durability



Fujifilm wishes to replace the very thin layer of plastic applied to our paper to protect it from moisture during the development process with biodegradable materials.


Labs deal responsibly with photochemistry waste

A Belgian photo lab gives us an insight into the processing of its chemicals. They show us all materials from the process are recycled.


Recovery for a sustainable future

3% of the silver in our paper ends up in the wash water of the RA4 development process. Our goal is to recover 100% in the entire chain by 2025.

Fujifilm management 

The face of a firm policy

To provide photographers with the best prints, you have to work as a team. That is the belief of the Fujifilm management. It seeks collaboration with photo laboratories worldwide to offer photographic ...