Fujifilm management 

The face of a firm policy

To provide photographers with the best prints, you have to work as a team. That is the belief of the Fujifilm management. It seeks collaboration with photo laboratories worldwide to offer photographic ...

New Product Manager Parisa Shahrokhi 

Exploring the market and the opportunities

Parisa Shahrokhi is the new Product Manager at Fujifilm for Photo Imaging Products. Her focus for the coming time will be to explore our market, understand our customers’ needs, look at trends, ...

Imaging Solutions introduces new cutter 

Every format on original photographic paper in one run

The brand new multiCut AgX is a fully automated industrial XY-cutter for the handling of silver halide paper. It greatly simplifies the production of multi-format print orders. This new cutter by Imag ...


Production process Fujifilm operates entirely on wind energy

Fujifilm loves colours. But mainly green. We really do everything we can to make our production process and our products as sustainable as possible. In this way, all energy for our production process ...

LaserLab & Original Photographic Paper  

The perfect pair for poster printing

Polielettronica LaserLab series and XY cutters represent the complete workflow for high-quality poster production. Together with our Fujifilm Crystal Archive Professional Papers, they bring out qualit ...