Together with FIAF for “Ambiente Clima Futuro” new national collective photography project sees FUJIFILM Italia team up with 10 leading photographers to celebrate photographic culture.

Ambiente Clima e Futuro is an ambitious project commissioned by FIAF – Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) and the Fondazione CENSIS that has involved 228 authors, with over 1500 images. It is set to be the first initiative of photographic documentation and interpretative analysis of the phenomenon of environmental protection in our country, carried out by professional and amateur photographers.

The project was also created thanks to the support of FUJIFILM Italia, who have always been committed to the key role of photography in society, both as an expressive language and as a means to give voice to the facts of the world. In addition, FIAF has also chosen to support the project by involving 10 photographers who are well known in the FIAF world, offering them the chance to interpret the theme “FUTURE CLIMATE ENVIRONMENT” with the extraordinary quality of FUJINON X Series mirrorless digital cameras and lenses. In addition to the photographic equipment, Fujifilm also provided photographic printing, bringing the expertise of its professionals to produce the prints for the exhibition.

In the particular moment of transition that we are living through, straddling a past marked by pollution, waste of resources, poor land management, the problem of waste and climate change, and a present where good practices, both public and private, are moving in the direction of a future with greater attention to the environment and its balance, the FIAF Photographic Project wants to be an opportunity to reflect on these processes of transformation, recounting both the places and activities where there are projects and experiences of recovery for a return to a more natural environment, and those situations where exploitation and impoverishment are still underway to support an economic system that is increasingly in need of resources that are difficult to renew, in a rhythm of growth that is irreconcilable with the maintenance of a natural balance.

The photographic exhibition of the national project ‘AMBIENTE CLIMA FUTURO’ was inaugurated in Bibbiena on Saturday 18 June 2022 at the CIFA, Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore in Bibbiena. The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 4 September 2022.

Event organiser and President of FIAF – Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche Roberto Rossi said: “Thanks to the support of FUJIFILM, which has been supporting our activities for many years, for this project we printed the section of the exhibition dedicated to the Testimonials of the “AMBIENTE CLIMA E FUTURO” project and some of the most significant works with Fujifilm Original silver halide photographic paper. The quality of the printing was of a very high standard, the photographic images were enhanced by the press, receiving praise from both the authors and the public.

The images on display at the exhibition were produced with digital exposure and chemical development process TYPE RA4, printed on silver halide photographic paper type DPII, created for professional use. The frame in Bibbiena proved to be ideal as an exhibition support, thanks to the elegant finish with an incredible glazed effect that enhances the materiality of the images on display.