A Great Escape – a stunning portrait format conceptual calendar of the finest quality. This year’s selected art photographer Kim Leuenberger tells her story about escapism with twelve outstanding motifs printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII Matte.

“That intense need of running far far away from everything that you know. That need to explore new sights and feel the excitement of the unknown running through you.
There’s so much beauty in the world, and I want to capture it all, I can never get enough of that rush of seeing something new. But then, I was suddenly forced to become sedentary and I somehow stopped taking photos. That’s when things had to change. I had to adapt my approach to photography. But how could I escape, if I couldn’t run away? Could I be using my camera as a mechanism to escape reality?

Soon enough I learned that the fact is, you don’t need to travel far away to escape reality. Escapism is about being able to shift your gaze into one of a chaser of light and images, find the keys to look at your everyday surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes.

Holding a camera in your hands is a gateway to a parallel universe to your normal daily mortal life. Seeing all these beautiful things around me, teaches me to be more present and find a way to reach contentment throughout my day, even only for a few seconds at a time.”

Kim Leuenberger is a photographer and location scout, teacher and speaker, originating from Switzerland.