Who could have imagined an official catalogue, for a renowned museum, would be created with the power of light, not with ink.

Fujifilm Original Photo Paper has engaged in a new collaboration with Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, creating synergy between the exhibition and their catalogue.
A number of the exhibited works as well as the catalogue are exposed on photo paper. The first-ever catalogue on photopaper, with its ideal LayFlat binding for full panoramic impact and uninterrupted images across the full width of the book. For Fujifilm Original Photo Paper, this is a first glimpse within the graphics industry.

Japanmuseum SieboldHuis is a museum and the center for Japanese art and culture located in a beautiful townhouse on the Rapenburg in Leiden, Netherlands. The collection displays items of Japanese objects that Philipp Franz von Siebold collected between 1823 and 1829 during his stay at Dejima, the Dutch trade colony nearby Nagasaki in Japan.

From March 15th to September 8th, Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, with proud director Kris Schiermeier, will present the exhibition ‘Japanese Nude’. This exhibition illustrates the development in Japanese nude photography from the 19th century to the present. The works of over 30 top photographers reveal their artistic vision of nudity. Foreign influence and changing perceptions in Japanese society on gender, nudity and sexuality are on display in over 120 photographs.

Original Photo Paper has unique features which are well received within the imaging world of consumer and professional printing. With this catalogue and partnership we want to demonstrate the vast amount of possibilities, which are reaching beyond the imaging business and entering the graphics industry.

This catalogue has been created by Fujifilm Imaging Products and Solutions in Steenbergen on the widePrint 12nG, VSP 25 and fastBlock 05. The photographic paper used is Album XS which was specifically designed to create albums, and now catalogues and brochures, with more pages.

Find out more about the process with this video.