Since our beginnings as a manufacturer of photographic film, we have constantly searched for innovative solutions and unparalleled technologies to offer great value to our customers. We have a lot of experience and a deep knowledge of photographic paper, and our identity is quality.
Quality found in our unparalleled technology: our high-resolution, continuous-tone printing system, combined with a special coupler technology, creates exceptional sharpness images. The search for excellence is what motivates us the most.

Thanks to all this, our different surfaces of the silver halide paper are leaders in the market. Our Original photo paper offers excellent print quality so you can enjoy good images throughout your life.

For this purpose, in 2018 we have launched in Spain the Quality Certification program for laboratories working with Fujifilm Original Photo Paper and chemical development processes.

With this, we aim to align our product quality with the production of photographs under a quality standard that Fujifilm guarantees optimal for production of the highest quality.

Certificate Delivery Ceremony
On January 16, we gathered some of those laboratories from all over Spain that have passed all production quality tests to deliver their Quality Certificate that has a validity of 2 years taking advantage of the Printlife photography exhibition that took place in Barcelona. The Laboratories that have passed the Quality Certification in Fujiflm chemical production processes with Fujifilm Original Photo Paper are the following:

Lab Awarded
Ascolor, Madrid
LF Nivel, Valencia
Laboratorio de Fotografía Profesional (LFP), Granada
Hiperdigital, Granada
Eurocolor, Murcia
Polcart Iberia, Castellón
Dinasa, Madrid
Fotoprix, Barcelona
Natural Book, (Reporlab) Madrid

And the laboratories that have been awarded the Certification of Appreciation for their optimal production with Fujifilm Original Photo Paper are:

Lab Awarded
Sinfo, Barcelona
Argazkia Zear, Bilbao
Amplifoto Digital, Madrid

Maxima, the latest quality photographic paper for art galleries and museums
Taking advantage of the meeting, the new Maxima Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional professional paper was unveiled, highlighting all the emotions and intentions of author works and photographic prints for museums and art galleries. It provides the appearance and presentation qualities sought by professional photographers with a 40% lifespan compared to other papers, with great details in the shadows and deep blacks.

The Production Managers and Directors of guest laboratories were impressed with the result of the Maxima printed samples that were presented and many have shown interest to start testing this new surface.