A must-see in London this month was award-winning portrait photographer Lauren Forster’s solo exhibition chronicling the last months of her mother’s life. On show from 8 to 22 March at the Salvation Army gallery in central London, ‘God Has No Favourites’ proved to be Forster’s saddest and most challenging photo shoot to date. The poignancy of Forster’s work also drew the crowds, with many people commenting on the quality of the work and the aesthetics of the exhibition itself.

Summing up her experience, Lauren said: “I was taken completely by surprise when Fujifilm offered to sponsor me for this exhibition launch, as the nature of this project is so personal. I had finished the body of work and the natural next step was to plan an exhibition, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it – so I was really pleased that Fujifilm reached out to me.”

“Fujifilm”, she added, “decided to create a series of articles based around my work and focused on overcoming the challenges of getting an exhibition off the ground. The Bayeux pro lab helped me with mounting and printing and encouraged me to print some of the images to a larger scale – as print output on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper – Maxima looks superb.

There have been many comments from visitors as to how good the prints look in this space. The initial private viewing was a truly memorable event that enabled my friends, family and people from the industry to engage with the work; the feedback has been fantastic. It was terrific to see the project come together and upon a gallery wall after so many months of planning.

The opening night itself was an amazing experience and it’s made me all the more determined to take things on from here and to put together more exhibitions in the future. There is no doubt it’s the perfect way to make sure that a project is seen in the way you intended.”

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