Unseen returned for its eighth edition, from 20 – 22 September 2019. As the years before, Fujifilm was partner and presented itself in this year’s exhibition in a futuristic pavilion and created a platform for exchange, our photo paper products and the Fujifilm Faculty.

A platform for the Fujifilm Faculty
The concept behind: We wanted to promote our products by going in depth and being “open” and accessible. Our main goals and objectives: encourage exchange, encounters and discussions via talks, panels and workshops – to get to know more about the needs and desires and to create products for photo enthusiasts. Together we wanted to think ahead, create, evolve and form sustainable partnerships for upcoming projects.

During the exhibition we promoted Original Photo Paper via:

  • Open Gallery Night booklet produced on standard Album paper
  • Our latest photo paper Professional Paper Maxima which was featured as print for the project Woven Matters
  • Professional Paper Maxima for a feature in ‘’Parool’’ as a special print edition only for Parool readers
  • A Workshop with photographer Andrea Grützner https://andreagruetzner.de/
  • A curator/ lecturer talk with Marga Rotteveel

Painting with light by Liz Nielsen
In line with Fujifilm’s investigative spirit and for the second edition of the Fujifilm Faculty, we presented Liz Nielsen as another respectively artist. Liz Nielsen is a Brooklyn based photographer whose works have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin.
Her photographs are created in the analogue colour darkroom with handmade negatives and found light sources.

“Transcending landscapes” – the cameraless image
The artist’s lifelong fascination with luminous colour sparked her resolve to put the camera aside, instead using her photographic materials to capture pure representations of light. By layering exposures and filtrations of light onto photo paper in the darkroom, the artist creates innovative dimensions, landscapes and objects seemingly out of thin air. Nielsen’s pieces occupy a space in photography that is rarely explored: the cameraless image.

In the warm autumn sun, the audience got gripping insights in how Nielsen works with light as a camera what she experienced when using FUJIFLEX / CLEAR and the importance of material selection.
During her special artist talk she explained how she uses the photo paper to create 1:1 contact photograms and why light, darkness and materiality are essential aspects of her work.
The main highlight: Fujifilm and Liz Nielsen created a video with focus on her vision and her work as an artist, using Fujifilm FUJIYFLEX Original Photo Paper. Check out the work by Liz Nielsen here: