In the evocative location of the Roero Castle in Monticello d’Alba, the 15th edition of the Oasis Photocontest Roero International Prize for Naturalistic Photography kicked off. Sixty panels in large format, a collection of images of the finalists and winners; over 25,000 images took part in the competition, taken by professional and amateur photographers from 60 countries.

Oasis is a bimonthly Italian magazine, which deals with nature, animals, anthropology, green and sustainable tourism, and nature photography.

The Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni is the overall winner of this edition, alongside him 10 other winners for each of the ten sections in the competition: “Mammals”, “Birds”, “Other animals”, “Landscape”, “Vegetable world”, “Underwater world”, “Storyboard”, “Art and Nature”, “Photojournalism”.

The winners of the 10 categories in the competition will be decided by a high-quality Jury composed of some of the great masters of photography: Riccardo Busi (Italy) president of FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique), Ali Khalifa Bin Thalith (United Arab Emirates) underwater photography documentary maker and secretary general of HIPA, Michael Yamashita (USA) American of Japanese origins, with his iconic images considered one of the best known interpreters of contemporary photography, Guo Jing (China), vice president of the Global Photographic Union, Jaime Culebras (Spain) photographer and biologist specializing in biodiversity, is considered one of the leading experts in tropical reptiles and amphibians, Tim Flach (Great Britain) specializing in studio animal photography, Ami Vitale (USA) Photoreporter and documentary maker.

A feast for the eyes that involves FUJIFILM Italia in promoting and encouraging the use of printed photography, also embellished by its silver halide photographic paper supports.

FUJICOLOR CRYSTAL ARCHIVE DIGITAL PEARL Original Photo Paper was chosen as the support, which is part of the wide range of FUJIFILM silver halide papers, designed for highly professional photography applications. Pearl Paper is the most glamorous and distinctive photo frame in the family; contains a very particular component, i.e. natural mica crystals covered with a thin layer of metal particles which, through a play of transparency and refraction, give the printed images distinct silver-white reflections. Designed to obtain saturated and brilliant colors reproduced in a wide chromatic range, Pearl paper gives a particular depth to images that appear almost three-dimensional.

The PEARL paper is particularly suitable for all professional applications, portrait, fashion, landscape and nature photography, with a super glossy and iridescent effect, luxurious and elegant.
FUJIFILM silver halide photographic papers maintain a fixity of the image and colors unaltered over time, FUJICOLOR CRYSTAL ARCHIVE DIGITAL PEARL maintains the originality of the print for a very long time making this product particularly suitable also for museum or art gallery exhibitions.

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The exhibition, inaugurated on 2 July, offers a spectacular showcase of the world and its wonders: animals, landscapes and peoples. It can be visited until 30 July on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 -12:30 and 14:30 – 18:00.