The Societies 2019 Convention in London, January 2019 was a very successful event attended by 15,000 industry professionals, it also hosted Fujifilm’s UK launch of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional paper MAXIMA, highly appreciated by many professional photographers and photolabs.

Tilburg, 12 February 2019
“We strive to provide the biggest and best event for the photographic industry”, says Societies CEO Phil Jones.

Over the past 17 years The Societies Convention has played an important role in capturing and sharing the creativity of some of the world’s best photographic artists. The 2019 three days convention involved professionals from all aspects of the industry and included trade awards, photographer awards, workshops, photographic exhibitions as well as qualifications and distinctions judged by a panel of award winning professional photographers.

During the convention useful and interesting discussions took place with photographers and professional photo labs:

  • Derek Poulston (Managing Director of One Vision) opened up new ideas with a strong focus on demonstrating the value of quality photo printing.
  • Sean Conboy and David Stanbury both highly qualified photographers in their fields use quality photographic print in their product portfolio and believe that high quality photo paper is an essential factor and valuable USP within their business.
  • Gabrielle Brooks (Marketing Manager at Genesis Imaging) provided valuable feedback and great insights on how to approach professionals via our social media channels and our website.

The Convention is a valuable showcase for photographers and professional photo labs, exposing their work to a wide audience, it’s also a great and much anticipated social occasion for the industry. During the 2019 awards ceremony successful professional photographers received awards recognising their inspirational photography, including the top award of “Photographer of the Year”. The photographic trade section of the awards focused on the accomplishments of both manufacturers and professional labs. Digitalab work closely with Fujifilm UK so a highlight was their success in winning 4 major awards: best professional lab, best professional frame, best professional product and best professional customer service during 2018.

Fujifilm UK colleagues Jon Cohen, Jon Sareen, John Grayston, Peter Wigington and Nathan Wake were key in making this a success for Fujifilm. Their hard work pays off especially by setting up valuable partnership with their customers.

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