Continuously improving and innovating is in Fujifilm’s genes. We are constantly looking for opportunities to make our photographic paper better. Adapting to the needs of our market. These improvements are not only in quality, durability or cost but also in sustainability. Our products need to be ready for a bright, greener future. We take every step we can to bring us closer to our goal. We, at Fujifilm, are currently investigating how we can make our base paper more sustainable.

Bert Crielaard, project lead in this project: ‘Our paper is FSC certified. That means, and I quote from their website, paper “comes from environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”. A very thin layer of plastic is then applied to this paper to protect it from moisture during the development process. We have made this layer as thin as possible the last couple of years, but now we want to go even a step further. We want to see whether we can replace this traditional plastic with biodegradable materials. We are also investigating if they could be 100% bio-based.’

We are currently investigating the various available options together with our suppliers. Crielaard: ‘There is no suitable replacement ready for us so it must be developed and extensively tested. More sectors are working on bio solutions such as the packaging industry. It needs no explanation that we have more specific requirements. We have started this journey and we know it will not be easy, but we are convinced that we will find an eco-friendlier alternative for this thin protective layer.’

The objective is clear to Crielaard: ‘Photos must have great quality and be long-lasting, but they should break down naturally when disposed. We have done many tests and it is clear to us in which direction we will have to go to find a suitable solution. We are moving toward a future where photos remain beautiful memories even when they are at the end of their lifetime.’