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So, what’s the big deal? Anyone can snap a picture like this on a smartphone from the comfort of their car parked on a causeway with the heater on, right?

Er, actually, NO.

Who could have imagined an official catalogue, for a renowned museum, would be created with the power of light, not with ink.

Fujifilm Original Photo Paper has engaged in a new collaboration with...

As part of photo19 - the largest photo exhibition in Switzerland - the team from FUJIFILM Switzerland took up the idea of these hidden object pictures and exhibited a panoramic view of the city of...

Since our beginnings as a manufacturer of photographic film, we have constantly searched for innovative solutions and unparalleled technologies to offer great value to our customers. We have a lot of...

Discover the latest trends in imaging technology: Fujifilm partner and automation equipment manufacturer Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) is hosting its first ever Open House – and we will be part of it.

We couldn’t be prouder to present the next generation of photo paper:

the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper MAXIMA.